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NAPLEX Calculations Question Bank-RxCalculations

What is the NAPLEX Calculations Question Bank?

The NAPLEX Calculations Question Bank is a must have resource for mastering pharmaceutical calculations. It is the most comprehensive pharmaceutical calculations test bank composed of over 1000 questions. Questions cover all important topics in compounding and professional practice including:

  •  Flow rate calculations
  • Milliequivalent calculations
  • Total parenteral nutrition (TPN) calculations
  • Reconstitution calculations
  • Aliquot calculations
  • Percentage Strength, Ratio Strength, PPM and PPB calculations
  • Dilution and concentration calculations
  • Ratio, Proportion and Dimensional Analysis calculations
  • Osmolarity calculations
  • Isotonicity calculations and more


Get Familiar with the NAPLEX Style 

NAPLEX® type short answer and multiple choice calculations questions with answers.

Improve Accuracy

Untimed tests for each topic designed for self-paced content review and to improve accuracy.

Improve Speed

Three different levels of timed tests for each topic designed to systematically improve speed while maintaining accuracy. Level 3 timed tests designed to ensure questions can be solved in under 90 seconds.

Improve Mental Stamina

Three Comprehensive tests (40 questions) strategically designed to develop mental stamina.

Watch the Video to Discover The Only Question Bank You Need To Prepare For the Calculations Component of the NAPLEX

Assess your knowledge and speed with the most up-to-date Pharmaceutical Calculations Test Bank covering all pertinent calculations topics as described in the NAPLEX® Blueprint. Test bank is accessible anywhere and anytime so you can practice NAPLEX calculations on the go.

Let's take a look at a few video solutions from the Test Bank

The NAPLEX Calculations Question Bank also comes with several step-by-step no fluff video solutions. 

Example of milliequivalent calculations video solution

Example of tpn calculations video solution

Example of reducing and enlarging formula calculations video solution

Example of Aliquot calculations video solution

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Pharmaceutical Calculations Equation Sheet

Pharmaceutical calculations equation sheet is designed to help every student who struggles to study or remember all the various important equations, conversion factors and key steps needed to solve pharmaceutical calculations problems. It is a comprehensive three page guide optimally crafted to facilitate quick and easy location of the right equation, conversion factors or key steps for a particular calculation problem. The pharmaceutical calculations equation sheet also summarizes pivotal steps for several pharmaceutical calculations concepts and hence can also be used as a study guide when preparing for in school exams or the calculations component of the PTCB or NAPLEX exams. Pharmaceutical calculations equation sheet is a handy reference and a must have for students, pharmacy technicians and practicing pharmacists.

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